Ierissos is located on the third leg of Chalkidiki and is only 100 km away from Thessaloniki.

It is a beautiful and modernly built seaside town with a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is the administrative center of the new municipality of Aristoteles. Despite the fact that Akanthos was famous for its wine, the younger people of Ierissos are engaged in fishing, shipbuilding, trade, construction of works on Mount Athos and tourism. They are also characterized as great shipbuilders, continuing a grand profession that passes solid and genuine from generation to generation. The shipyards of Ierissos are among the oldest in Greece.

In the center of the town, the Center of the Holy Mount Athos was recently built to aspire to its visitors (and especially the women who fail to break the abbey), objects of religious worship of great value, which are now carefully guarded by the fathers of the monasteries.

The beach extends 11 km in front of it, with clear blue waters and offers endless summer moments to its holidaymakers.